A nascent purveyor of house and cutting-edge disko in all its forms, DJ/producer and visual artist Kate Stein is grooving her way into the good graces of underground circles everywhere with an experiential sound that’s all her own.

Stein first entered the world of art via set design, meticulously crafting event spaces with an eye for the elegant and the mischievous. After years of developing her unmistakable style as a spatial designer, her skills with composition, color, and ambiance have coagulated into a raw creative force she manipulates into any form she desires.

Stein channels that force into aggressive rhythms, heavy percussion, and arcane melodies. Releasing her debut Scenic Byway and sophomore Mystic Saddle Ranch EPs in 2021 via Roam Recordings and Playground Records — featuring remixes from the likes of Perel, Zillas On Acid, Balam, and Autarkic — selectors worldwide continue to take notice of Stein’s hypnotic pull. With audio landscapes meant to inspire joviality and bring about unexpected feelings, this is not the music of pure escapism. This is the music of revelation—opening space within to explore the nebulous reaches of yourself. 2022 has her releasing her next EP on TAU, with remixes from Curses, Zombies in Miami and Leonor.

In the eyes and ears of Stein, these sounds paint the pictures of New York City’s bustling streets and the outlying deserts around Los Angeles, the two metropolises she currently calls home. Within these concrete jungles laid opposite one another, every environment which Stein wishes to fill with pulsating frequencies exists. Pop-ups. Niche festivals. Places where someone can fully express their inner-child.

With Kate Stein as a guide, you won’t just hear that inimitable contrast. Instead, it will appear before your very eyes and envelop your whole body. Keep an eye on this rocket: with a few more releases to come in 2022, her dynamic and fun approach to dance floor soundscapes is in full bloom.